Ernie Inc | アーニー株式会社

Work Style

Work culture at Ernie is designed to maximize everyone’s performance.
We invest in creating a healthy office environment, an online/offline development environment,
tech study meetings, office policies and employee benefits.

Clean and quiet space dedicated for developers

Our developer-only office is kept extra tidy and noise-free. Having no phone line in the development room helps engineers to focus solely on their creativity.

Overseas-based engineers make up 15%

We have remote Web service/AI domain Engineers who work from overseas. It’s a great opportunity for you to collaborate and gain experience with international talents with diverse tech backgrounds.

Design your own work schedule

Choose any work time (8 hours) between 8AM to 10PM that is the most suitable for you. Having a hard time focusing on your project? Go to the gym, take a nap, whatever it takes to get your creativity going.

Work concentrated hours

If you’re the type of person who works better concentrating your workload into fewer hours, you may choose to work only 5 to 6 hours a day. Maximize your creative performance by working shorter hours.

Machine-learning development server group

To improve our machine-learning efficiency and capability, we are heavily investing in server capacity. Our rack space currently boasts a monster machine we utilize, equipped with 4 specialized Xeon 8180 CPUs providing 112 cores (224 threads) and 10 Quadro GV100 GPUs providing 51,200 cores.

1 minute walk from Hakata Station

Our office is conveniently located within 1 minute walk from Hakata station, where you can catch many trains and buses. There is also a chain coffee shop located within our building.

An office environment designed for optimal development performance

We provide our staff the best possible development space to maximize individual work performance. (ex, Mac Pro + Eizo Dual monitor + HHKB etc.)

Study workshops for the latest technologies

Our company regularly offers study meetings that any staff can attend and learn about the newest technologies. Recent topics include GAN algorithm architecture and company NAT traversal. These workshops play a big part in our development as a company.

Regular work lunches

We believe that strong and positive relationships between colleagues have a significant impact on driving successful outcomes. Regular, company funded lunch parties are a great opportunity to really get to know the people you work with!

Complete with resting hammocks

Feel free to take advantage of one of our resting hammocks when you need to take a break, a power nap or just refresh your creative process.

Free beverages

All beverages in company kitchen are available free of charge for any staff at Ernie. We supply mainly tea, water, juice and coffee to keep it healthy.

3D Printer

Our office is equipped with a Zontrax 3D printer M300Plus to be used as required for device design and prototyping. Ernie staff are free to use this anytime.

Interested in joining our team and creating services
that can change society? We have a vacancy for you.