Speech Recognition / Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Ernie are concentrating development towards a Natural Language Processing Engine capable of speech pattern analysis, including automatic speech-to-text, vocal sentiment, conversation tempo and voice pitch recognition. Analysis of Japanese speech aims to produce accurate punctuation awareness, and correct Kanji selection. Ernie are also developing “DoiSurfer”, a tool that allows for the creation of machine-learning training data for language processing.

Speech Recognition Engine
Expert training data
Refined Training Data
Training Data
Creation Team
+ DoiSurfer

Speech Recognition Engine
× Expert training data
× Training Data Creation Team

To push the boundaries of Speech Recognition reliability.

Speech Recognition Engine 「ErnieSpeech」

While there are alternative speech recognition services on the market, none achieve the same level of accuracy as ErnieSpeech, especially when it comes to Japanese language. There are many facets to this difference in accuracy, the biggest contributor of which is improper interpretation and conversion of ambiguous words.

For example, take the sentence, The machine would either interpret this as "How has the fishing been recently?" a conversation between fishermen or, "How are the bacterial symptoms developing?" a conversation between two scientists. In this situation, most speech recognition tools are configured to convert the words based on common usage, frequently resulting in incorrect interpretation.

Our specialized team create custom machine training data catered to your business, to minimize these mistakes and ensure you get the best possible results every time. We also expose APIs capable of incorporating this powerful capability into the services you sell.

Training Data Creation Team

Our specialized training data creation team (30 staff onsite) prepare sets of machine training data customized based on the unique needs of your business.

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