See Ernie’s growth in numbers

Alongside the successful release of many of our own web services, Ernie continues to see a steady rise in ARR for the startup companies we support through development investment. Our company policy drives us to continually invest in machine learning servers, create ever improving machine training data, and ensure our engineers work in the most cutting-edge development environments.

Development Team

Create a service that
changes society.


Including our CEO, Ernie consists of many genuine, creative minds. 40 staff work in the head office, and 35 work remotely. Our goal is for all staff to work under the same conditions regardless of where you are based. We fully utilize communication and project management tools developed in-house by Ernie.

Shingo Mori


Our CTO has been responsible for the development and release of a long series of successful products into the market. Backed by his experience and top-class skills as a full-stack engineer, Shingo is able to be flexible and adapt to any type of challenge he faces. We can rely on his excellent communication skills to successfully lead the whole team through any project.Our CTO has been responsible for the development and release of a long series of successful products into the market.

Riku Nakano

Machine Learning Engineer

After investing years into research, experimentation and building a solid knowledge base at Kyushu University, Riku has fast become a valuable young prospect machine-learning engineer who brings a non-traditional dynamic to the problem solving field. Working alongside senior engineers, he has shown his skill by rapidly coming to up speed and as become an asset to the company.After years of research, experimentation and training at Kyushu University, Riku has fast become a valuable young prospect machine-learning engineer.

Azusa Hirano

Training Data Team Leader

While boasting detailed foresight, quick analysis, decision making, and a consistent work ethic, what really makes Azusa the ideal leader of her 30+ machine-learning training data specialist team is her dependable, charismatic personality. The company relies on the credibility of the machine-learning data models, which live or die based on the training data specialist team. As team leader, Azusa takes on this huge responsibility and enjoys it.Boasting detailed foresight, quick analysis and decision making, Azusa confidently leads a 30+ machine-learning training data specialist team.

Work Environement

At Ernie, we invests in creating the best office environment and company system to maximize your creative performance.

Clean and quiet space dedicated for developers

Our developer-only office is kept extra tidy and noise-free. Having no phone line in the development room helps engineers to focus solely on their creativity.

Overseas-based engineers make up 15%

We have remote Web service/AI domain Engineers who work from overseas. It’s a great opportunity for you to collaborate and gain experience with international talents with diverse tech backgrounds.

An office environment designed for optimal development performance

We provide our staff the best possible development space to maximize individual work performance. (ex, Mac Pro + Eizo Dual monitor + HHKB etc.)


Creators must
be users of their
own service.

We believe that developers must be dedicated users of their own products. By constantly using and testing your own services, you will see issues and areas to improve the same way your users would feel, allowing you to instantly make the right changes as you experience them. After working this way for a year, the product will be polished to a level no other engineers can replicate.

Speech Recognition / Machine Learning
for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Ernie are concentrating development towards a Natural Language Processing Engine capable of speech pattern analysis, including automatic speech-to-text, vocal sentiment, conversation tempo and voice pitch recognition. Analysis of Japanese speech aims to produce accurate punctuation awareness, and correct Kanji selection. Ernie are also developing “DoiSurfer”, a tool that allows for the creation of machine-learning training data for language processing.

Result of our Technology Investment Program

Through our Technology Investment Program, we offer development resource and support for prospect startup companies. The total ARR of Saas products developed by Ernie in 2018 has reached 800 million.

※Due to ongoing Non Disclosure Agreements in effect, only partial information has been published.


The quick and easy way to create your marketing videos

Strong digital marketing is a key factor for any successful business. Richka lets marketers without any video editing background create stunning PR and Marketing videos in seconds. In its first year, Richka has been adopted by over 300 businesses, and has seen over 5,000 videos created per month. Richka utilizes industry-leading video editing technology, computed server-side, combined with machine learning technology.


  • 2019/06/15

    Around 70% of speech diarization model completed.

  • 2019/05/01

    We started developing speech diarization model.

  • 2019/04/01

    We started developing a model which adds punctuation marks automatically.

  • 2019/03/13

    Around 80% of speech recognition model completed.

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